6 Things you should look for when buying a Portable Mobility Scooter

1. What’s The Range – Generally, a mobility scooter can travel up to 15 kilometres on a full charge but this may be reduced depending on the user’s weight and the terrain travelled. Up and down hills will also reduce the range. Consider if an extra battery will be required.

2. Speed – Most portable mobility scooters are limited to a speed of 6.5 kmph. This is the equivalent of the fast walk and is considered safe for footpaths and shopping centres. If it’s not speed limited, it’s not safe.

3. Weight capacity – Most portable mobility scooters have a weight capacity of about 125kgs. Some have a weight capacity of 136kgs. Please take this into account when deciding on a folding mobility scooter.

4. Price – A portable mobility scooter that meets Australian design and safety standards will always be more expensive than some of the cheaper copies on the market. Be aware of quality when making a purchase. Always trial it before buying.

5. Accessories – Most portable mobility scooters have a range of useful accessories, such as baskets, off-board chargers etc. so check them out when making your purchase.

6. Warranties – Always make sure your portable mobility scooter comes with a warranty and the dealer is able to organise repairs if something should go wrong.